Why have you moved into pet world?

Short answer - because you asked us to!

We love hearing your feedback and your ideas, many of which have made it into BackThen, and one of the things we hear over and over is that pets are part of the family and you wanted a new product to include them properly, without adding complications or cost.

We agree - pets are part of the family, so Huply is here to bridge that gap, to give you a place to keep all your precious memories safe, while also enjoying some extra pet-specific features that a new app allows us to add.

One account gets you into both apps, one subscription includes all premium features in each, and it's just as easy as before to add all your memories from anywhere.

We do realise that not everyone has a pet, and you might be wondering what other things we have up our sleeve - don't worry, there are plenty of other fantastic features that we're excited to bring you, in both BackThen and Huply, and we look forward to revealing more as soon as possible.

For a glimpse of what we're planning, have a look here.

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