How do I use tags in records?

Tags allow you to attach pet names and keywords to your diary records, so that you can easily filter and search for them - for example, if you tag all records to do with medication appropriately, you can bring up a full medical history with a single tap!

Once you've written your diary record, you are presented with a list of potential tags, as follows

In this example, we have a pet called Liam, who is automatically tagged, but if you have multiple pets you can select them here. Underneath that are some predefined tags you can tap on. If we follow the example that this is a record that Liam is starting a course of antibiotics, the following tags may be appropriate:

You can also create custom tags by typing them in the box Add new tag... let's add the tag antibiotics here and you end with this

Finally, tap Save and your record will be saved, returning you to the list which will contain your newly created entry.

If you return to the main records view, or enter the records view again in the future, you will now see something like this:

The Records box now indicates the total records created, and is surrounded by your most commonly used tags. Tapping on any of these, or any of the tags at the bottom, returns you to the list view, with only those relevant records shown.

Diary records are a powerful way of finding the medical history, dietary history, landmark list and much more, by using the tags to find everything you are looking for.

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